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    Smartvent ventilation system suitable for homes 130-280m2. 4 vents.
    System contains:
    200mm three speed fan,
    adjustable diffusers,
    acoustic insulated ducting and
    digital keypad controller.

    Price is for kit supply only.

    Please enquire if you require installation.
    Free delivery in Auckland

    Manrose inline shower extract

    Install a bathroom or shower extract for only $350*

    Get the steam out quick and prevent mould and mildew forming.

    Manrose inline shower extract

    Manrose inline shower extract


    True heat recovery ventilation.

    Smartvent Synergy is a balanced ventilation system incorporating both extract & supply airflows designed to rid the home of moist, stale air and introduce fresh dry filtered air. The heat exchanger recoveres otherwise wasted heat produced from everyday household activities and paid heating. Up to 90% of the heat from the extracted air is recovered and transferred to the incoming air which is delivered back into the home via diffusers in the ceiling.

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